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lost vc4 during copy from flash drive to my pc

dear team,

i need help, i was copying virtual image folder to my pc, but during copy flash drive got disconnected and there is now missing vc4 file, remaining files are there 000,001 and 002, please let me know how i can run my virtual image or is there is a way to recover my data.

Lost vc4 file

If the source was a DVD or BD the files are split into several 00x files which might be able to be merged into a single ISO file if the data are neither compressed nor encrypted. I tested Altap Salamander which has a plug-in for splitting and combining files, the files merged, but the data are only available for the first file. The 00x files have to be edited first with a hex editor before merging them... (If required I can send a how-to.)

So trying to recover the vc4 file e.g. with Shadow Explorer might be the easier solution.

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