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CDDB kaput, closed since 2020 and no option to change to another CDDB site, as several other burner programs have always provided ...

Hi folks,
I'm using V10, which I confirmed today is current
by doing a Check For Updates.

When I choose, in settings, Yes, for Download audio CD information from the CDDB server
I also find that there is only one server available to select from, i.e.

Magix, the owner of took the CDDB service down in 2020.

It's now ** 2022 **, and there are alternative CDDB servers, like yet, there's no feature in VirtualCD to change the server.

Burning CD's in this state results in the CD's tracks not being downloaded, and that's not OK. shows how to change configuration for several CD burning programs,
e.g. MAGIX , fre:ac , Exact Audio Copy , CDex , Slink-e Nirvis but not VirtualCD.

Would it be possible to preserve the value of the product for loyal customers by reinstating this feature, by making it configureable ? ... as all the products above have believed it reasonable to do, evidenced by them delivering this feature.

Or has the product become unsupported , forgotten, unloved, along with its customers ?

However, isn't it great that provides a list of products that ** do ** provide this feature ?

After being a customer for 11 years, with a large backlog of optical disks to image, perhaps it's the right time for me to do a product comparison again, to locate the optimal product for all my needs.

Many thanks,


Dear Brian,

in fact doesn't work since about one and a half year anymore. However it is new to us that it redirects to

I talked to our developers and they will have a look at it, if it can be changed easily and maybe the dialog can also be made configurable. I will let you know as soon as I have an answer.

Kind regards,

CDDB error on creation of a virtual audio CD

New driver

Dear Brian,

please download the new driver and store it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual CD v10\System after renaming the existing VC10CDDB.dll.

Furthermore please change the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\H+H Software GmbH\Virtual CD 10\CDDB\Site from to

Please note that this is just a "quick-and-dirty-solution". Configuring the CDDB server is not possible in the moment with this new driver.

Hope it works! Any report back is highly appreciated!

Kind regards


The DLL now allows also configuring and testing the connection!

CDDB error persists after all resolution steps followed

Thanks VirtualCD for your rapid tactical response and slower but better, strategic DLL update.

Your responsiveness is much to your credit, and is much appreciated.

I renamed the DLL and saved the updated one to the correct folder, then restarted my Windows 10 machine.

On restarting VirtualCD Control Center, I'm still receiving a message
Note : an error occurred while trying to retrieve the CD information.

I've checked the registry entry, and it is pointing to

So it seems I've followed all instructions yet still don't know how to resolve this.

Am i missing a step, component or information ?
Happy to do a remote connection session to solve this.
If not, I'll try an uninstall / reinstall cycle.

If that fails, I'll move onto another product.

Please advise.



Dear Brian,

yes, you missed something - change the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\H+H Software GmbH\Virtual CD 10\CDDB\Site from to

If you don't know how to do this, you can download a registry file here and execute it by double-clicking it: gnudb.reg

Kind regards,

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