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Updated Virtual CD Application

Every time Windows10 has an overall update, Virtual CD has to be uninstalled and reinstalled. This has been a bane to me since Windows 10 was installed in 2016 on both my computers. They both are 64bit OS.
Is there an updated version that will be detected by Windows Update that prevents it from being altered where a reinstall is necessary?

Virtual CD v11

The problem will be solved with the next version which is planned to be released within the next weeks. Unfortunately we have other projects in the queue so that there is not release date, yet. If you sign in to our newsletter you'll be informed automatically as soon as Virtual CD v11 has been released.

Its a nightmare, pleas release a new Version soon as possible

We have the same Problem here. W10 1809 will be outdated soon. Pls release a new Version to fix this.

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