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(De-) Installation VCD 10 not working

Setup always freezes during installation of virtual drives.

Triggering deinstallation from the Apps list only launches installation again, and runs into a dead end when it asks for "Disk 2" (sic!) for "", which it can't find in the Install Shield folder.

So I'm stuck with the program and the virtual drives and would really love to get rid of both!


(Windows 10 Pro 64 [10.0.16299 Build 16299], Installer: virtualcd10700demo.exe; Virtual CD v 10.00.0 according to apps list)

(De-) Installation VCD 10 not working

It seems that something went wrong during the installation. Missing means that this file cannot be found where it is supposed to be (in %temp%). The Uninstaller in the KB article below will hopefully help to successfully uninstall Virtual CD. Then you may try again the installation. Please observe the hints in the 2nd KB article.

The deinstallation of Virtual CD v6 or higher fails.

Installation of Virtual CD v10

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