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Good morning & happy new year.
I've been trying to convert i-tunes aax audio files to mp3 using the virtual burner. When I click on the burn menu, CD text is greyed out for audio when I have the virtual burner selected. If I select the physical burner, the CD text box is available. I've re-installed the Virtual CD software & run the repair I-tunes software with no difference. It was working fine 6 months ago which suggests that a windows 10 update may be the culprit - please can you offer any help? Thanks & kind regards, Bob.

Sound file mode

Did you use sound file mode?

CD Text

Yes I did use Sound File Mode & if I continue the virtual burn without selecting the CD text box, the files are correctly converted in the correct destination folder but without the CD text of course.

Virtual CD settings

Please check the Virtual CD settings: You can configure naming sound files in the Virtual CD Settings -> Burn. However the problem may be caused by iTunes, e.g. if you enter %artist% - %title%, the title will be named correctly, but the artist may be shown as "_artist_". This problem is caused by iTunes (tested with version Amongst others the artist information may not be not passed to Virtual CD by iTunes. MediaMonkey seems to name the files correctly.

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